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Scabovate Soap | Permethrin Soap | Body Care | Pack of 5

Scabovate Soap | Permethrin Soap | Body Care | Pack of 5

Protect Your Skin Against Scabies With Permethrin Soap: Scabovate Soap

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Scabovate Soap is a gentle yet effective soap for scabies infestations. It is infused with aloe vera extract and permethrin. It eliminates mites and reduces itching, providing relief and comfort to the skin. This permethrin soap ensures gentle cleansing while caring for your skin and addressing the issue of scabies.


  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty free
  • Formulated by experts
  • No Harmful additives
  • Suitable for All Skin Types

Who should use it?

This permethrin soap is ideal for individuals dealing with scabies infestations or seeking preventative measures against them. It is suitable for all skin types.

Note: Please consult your doctor or dermatologist before using this soap for scabies.


Scabovate Soap contains:

- Aloe Vera Extract: It soothes the itching and irritation caused by scabies, hydrates the skin, and promotes the healing of scabies lesions.

- Permethrin: It kills scabies mites and their eggs upon contact, effectively treating scabies infestations and relieving associated symptoms such as itching and rash.


This permethrin soap:

- Treats scabies infestations

- Eliminates mites

- Reduces itching

- Provides much-needed relief from scabies

How to use it

Use permethrin soap for humans during daily showers or baths. It's recommended to use it twice a day.

Apply to wet skin, lather, and gently massage over the affected areas. Rinse thoroughly with water.

For the best results, use regularly until scabies infestation is resolved.

Fast Fact

-Manufacturer: Ektek Biocare -Country of Origin: India -Shelf Life: Use within 24 months from the date of manufacturing.


1. Why is permethrin soap used?

Permethrin soap is used to effectively treat scabies infestations by killing scabies mites and their eggs upon contact. Ektek’s Scabovate soap helps relieve symptoms such as itching and rash associated with scabies by killing scabies mites.

2. What kills scabies?

Scabies can be effectively killed by various treatments, including topical medications like permethrin, as well as oral medications prescribed by healthcare professionals. One of the best treatments is using a soap for scabies such as Ektek’s Scabovate soap. These treatments work by directly targeting and eliminating the scabies mites responsible for the infestation.

3. Which soap is best for scabies?

The best soap for scabies treatment contains active ingredients like permethrin or benzyl benzoate that are known to kill scabies mites effectively. Ektek’s Scabovate soap contains aloe vera extract and permethrin that helps in scabies naturally while providing relief from itching and inflammation.

4. Can medicated soap kill scabies?

Yes, medicated soaps containing active ingredients like permethrin, sulfur, or benzyl benzoate are designed to kill scabies mites upon contact. These soaps are commonly used along with other prescribed medications or treatments to treat scabies infestations.

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