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Kilstone Syrup Sugar-Free | Kidney Support | Syrup & Capsules | Pack of 2

Kilstone Syrup Sugar-Free | Kidney Support | Syrup & Capsules | Pack of 2

Get Rid of Kidney Stones With Sugar-Free Kilstone Syrup

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Kilstone Syrup is an all-natural ayurvedic medicine for kidney stones, Dysuria, burning micturition, and Crystalluria. It’s a healthy blend of Kulthi seeds, Varun stem bark, punarnava plant, Gokhru fruit, Giloy stem, Tulsi plant, and other powerful herbs.

Because of its natural formulation, this kidney stone Ayurvedic medicine is extremely effective in helping dissolve kidney stones and promote kidney function.  If you experience excruciating pain as a result of kidney stones, Dysuria, burning micturition, or Crystalluria, you should consume it for pain management and combating the cause. 


  • GMP certified
  • 100% organic
  • 100% Sugar free
  • No artificial flavours
  • No harmful additives or preservatives
  • Comes in a convenient packaging
  • Available in the capsule form. 

    Who should use it?

    Kilstone Sugar Free Syrup is a perfectly blended ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone removal. Therefore, anyone suffering from kidney pain and discomfort caused by the presence of kidney stones can drink it. Those struggling with Dysuria, burning micturition, and Crystalluria can also consume it to keep their urinary tract healthy and kidneys functioning optimally. This kidney stone removal ayurvedic medicine is suitable for everyone including diabetic patients. Note : Use this product only after consulting a medical doctor and in recommended dosages, especially if you are pregnant or on medication for certain health issues.


    This Ayurvedic medicine for Kidney stone removal includes:

    -Kulthi Seed: Supports the breakdown of kidney stones and eases their passage.

    -Varun Stem Bark: Known for its diuretic properties, it helps breakdown and flush out kidney stones.

    -PashanBhed Rhizome: Traditionally used for dissolving kidney stones and alleviating urinary discomfort.

    -Punarnava Whole Plant: Acts as a natural diuretic and helps in kidney stone management.

    -Gokhru Fruit: Promotes urinary flow and helps eliminate kidney stones.

    -Giloy Stem: Supports overall kidney health and function.

    -Ikshu Mool Rootstock: Assists in preventing stone recurrence and maintaining kidney health.

    -Apamarg Whole Plant: Supports kidney function and helps prevent new stone formation.

    -Tulsi Whole Plant: Provides additional kidney support and promotes urinary tract health.

    -Makoi Whole Plant: Aids in reducing the risk of stone formation.

    -Nimba Leaf: Supports kidney health and stone dissolution.

    -Chharila Lichen: Aids in reducing the risk of stone formation.


    Kilstone Syrup helps:

    -Breakdown kidney stones
    -Ease pain and discomfort associated with Dysuria, burning micturition, and Crystalluria
    -Prevent stones from building up
    -Manage overall kidney health and functioning
    -Promote urinary tract health
    -Aid in the safe passage of kidney stones.

    How to use it

    To get optimum benefits of Kilstone Syrup, drink 2-3 spoons twice a day after meals.
    However, we recommend consuming it as directed by your healthcare provider.

    Fast Fact

    Manufacture Name – SHAKTI BIOTECH, MATEWARA, LDH Country of Origin – India Shelf Life Best Before use 24 months from Manufacture Date.


    1. Is ayurvedic medicine effective for kidney stones?

    - Ayurvedic medicine can be effective in managing kidney stones by addressing underlying imbalances, promoting kidney health, and facilitating the passage of stones. Kilstone Syrup and Tablets are two natural medicines that can improve kidney function and get rid of stones.

    2. Which ayurvedic medicine is good for kidney stones?

    - Ayurvedic medicines such as Kilstone Syrup and Tablets are commonly used for kidney stone removal due to their diuretic, stone-dissolving, and anti-inflammatory properties. These medicines contain powerful herbs such as Kulthi Seed, Varun Stem Bark, Nimba Leaf, PashanBhed Rhizome and more.

    3. What medicine to take for kidney stone pain?

    - You can take Kilstone Syrup or tablets to help manage your kidney stone pain. It has powerful Ayurvedic herbs that are known to alleviate kidney stone pain by reducing inflammation, soothing the urinary tract, and facilitating the expulsion of stones.

    4. Which drink reduces kidney stones?

    - Water is the best drink to reduce kidney stones as it helps flush out toxins and prevents the formation of stones. However, you can triple its effect by adding a spoon of Ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone removal such as Kilstone Syrup.

    5. Which syrup is best for kidney stones?

    - Kilstone Syrup is commonly used for kidney stones as it helps dissolve stones, alleviate pain, and support kidney function. However, it's essential to consult with your doctor or an Ayurvedic practitioner for personalised recommendations.

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