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Intoxirid Capsules | De-addiction Herbal Medicine | Mental Health | 10x10 Capsules

Intoxirid Capsules | De-addiction Herbal Medicine | Mental Health | 10x10 Capsules

Ektek Deaddiction helps reduce toxic cravings and supports individuals

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Deaddiction herbal medicine

Who should use it?


Choti Elaichi-40 mg, Pipali-40 mg, Jeera-40 mg, Talis Patra-25 mg, Kali Mirch-40 mg, Dal Chini-40 mg, Anar Dana-25 mg, Parwal-10 mg, Moti Pisti-10 mg, Sonf-80 mg, Khas Khas-85 mg, Nagkesar-40 mg, Akik Pisti-25 mg.


De-Addiction Support: EkTek Intoxirid Capsules are specially formulated to provide valuable support during the journey towards overcoming addiction. The blend of potent ingredients contributes to detoxifying the body and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Craving Reduction: With a combination of carefully chosen natural elements, these capsules work to reduce cravings, making it easier to resist urges and stay committed to a life of wellness.

Natural Ingredients: Embrace the power of nature's remedies with Intoxirid Capsules. Crafted from a blend of traditional herbs and extracts, these capsules provide a natural and effective way to support your de-addiction journey.

Empowerment: Intoxirid Capsules empower you to take control of your life and make positive choices. By reducing cravings and supporting your body's natural detoxification processes, these capsules are an essential tool in your path to a healthier you.

How to use it

2-2 Capsules daily twice a day morning Empty Stomach and evenign one hour before meal

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