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Lukocip Syrup

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This is our research product with excellent results.

100% pure herbal.  No side effects.


Lukocip is an unique combination of ancient herbs beneficial to Gynaecological disorders. It is very helpful to women in pelvic inflammatory disease, leucorrhoea, low back pain, menstrual ailments, burning feet syndrome. Lukocip is an excellent uterine tonic, promotes women's health and beauty and sense of well being. Lukocip is a product of choice in problems such as loss of appetite, headache, anaemia, stress and white discharges. Lukocip strengthen uterine endometrium and regularises the menstrual cycle. It reduces the vaginal congestion and then relieves associated problems.

Lodhra, ral, mai, maju, mochrus and supari flower are the basic astringents, anti inflammatory and haemostatics which are used independently in white or red discharges, leucorrhoea, gynaecological bleedings urinary troubles and in toxaemia. Lukocip containing musli, kukuttang twak, godanti and samudra sokh is very effective for uterine nutrition. It has balya which provides astringent alterative properties. Which acts best on uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge, migraine, headache, burning sensation and anaemia. Anjorar, kulfa, kundaru are also good haemostatic, anti inflammatory and astringent which act on pelvic swelling, endometritis, oophoritis and salpingitis. It is helpful in prevention of miscarriage and threatened abortion with other therapy.

Therefore it is a boon for females young and old. All these precious herbs make Lukocip a complete female rejuvenator tonic and free from any side effects.

Indications :-

  • Non specific leucorrhoea pain in lower abdomen
  • Low back pain. 
  • Burning feet syndrome.
  • Vaginitis              
  • Salpingitis.
  • General debility and body fitness
  • Oophoritis
  • Amenorrhea
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • White and red discharge with foul smell.

Doses :  2 teaspoonful morning and evening. Or as advised by the physician.

Caution  :  To be taken under medical direction. Containing sugar base, diabetics should avoid.

Presentation : 300ml sealed bottle.

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